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Learn about UniHouse

If you're a highly motivated, responsible adult keen to escape the party atmosphere of residence and instead share brand-new, elegant accommodations with like-minded housemates, come home to UniHouse. Furnishings, equipment, utilities, internet, laundry facilities, high-security locks, ring video doorbells and cleaning services are all included in the monthly rate. UniHouse is an affordable way to create community and enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle without the expense and bother of living on your own.

  • What is co-living?
    Co-living is a new concept for living in which people of similar ages, interests and lifestyles come together to create community, share resources and experience a better standard of living. It's a simple, economical option for those just starting out who prefer to live with others but want something more grown-up than traditional student housing. By offering one all-inclusive payment and a balance of personal and shared space, UniHouse combines the best aspects of student residence and traditional rental accommodations.
  • Who runs UniHouse?
    Unihouse is professionally managed by local property manager Enright Management Ltd. Enright Management provides local full-service property management services for over 1,500,000 square feet of Alberta real estate. We have experience managing commercial and residential properties and emphasizes a tenant-oriented approach to property management. Our goal managing Unihouse is to provide students with a seamless living experience in a residence that allows them to focus on their studies, and on getting the most out of their university experience. If you have any questions about the facilities at Unihouse, please reach out to
  • How much does it cost to live at UniHouse?
    Make only one convenient monthly payment with your choice of lease length: $1,049/month for a 12-month lease or 4-month summer lease. Your lease includes rent, heat, water, electricity, internet, access to house amenities including a big-screen TV and on-site laundry, high-security keys and video doorbell, as well as professional cleaning of common areas every two weeks. It is paid via auto-withdrawal from your bank account on the first day of each month of the lease term.
  • Who else will share the space?
    We are creating a community of high-functioning students and young professionals who understand what is involved in caring for and living in a beautifully furnished shared space. Specifically, we look for friendly, responsible upper-year students who want to experience the perks of shared living without the party atmosphere. Diversity is an important part of the cultural landscape at UniHouse, and we work hard to ensure that all different races, genders, and identities are treated respectfully.
  • What educational and cultural backgrounds are the other housemates from?
    We rent to mature, motivated people whom we believe will get along well with others and fit into our community. As part of our application process, we ask about extracurricular activities, university transcripts, whether people have siblings and so forth to help us get an idea of who you are.
  • Will I have a private space?
    Absolutely! Your self-contained bed and bathroom suite contains a built-in desk, full-size bed with drawers, a nightstand and lamp, closet and clothes tree. You'll love having the large bathroom with 3 x 3' shower, vanity/sink, and toilet all to yourself. If you want company, the common areas of the house offer a comfortable place to socialize.
  • Can I meet the other housemates prior to making a decision?
    This may be possible, but as UniHouse is a popular choice the room may not last until everyone has moved in and you have an opportunity to meet them.
  • Can I share a room with my sibling, friend or significant other?"
    Each room accommodates only one person, and all rooms are the same price no matter where they are located in the house. One larger room on our house map is not available as a room choice. It is reserved for our Community Advisor, a house manager who lives in the house and makes sure everything runs smoothly. If you’d like to live in the same house as your friend, sibling or significant other, encourage that person to rent their own room, and enjoy the shared spaces together!
  • Can I rent two of the bedrooms?
    As long as there is space available when you apply, it is possible to rent two rooms. Each potential housemate will need to apply individually and fill out their own leasing agreement.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Just bring your personal belongings: clothes, mattress, bedding including pillows, and towels with a shower mat. For a small administration fee, we can provide bedding, towels and other basic bathroom supplies for you in advance of your arrival.
  • Is there parking for my car?
    We have a limited number of stalls in our covered, secure garage, offered on a first-come, first served basis for an additional fee of $125/month. Limited on-street permit parking from the City of Calgary is available on a first-come, first-served basis for a small annual fee. We encourage those with cars to secure their parking rights by signing a lease as soon as possible. Since UniHouse is so close to the University, there are some fairly tough parking guidelines from the City if no parking rights are secured. Of course, since UniHouse is located very close to the university and transit, it is easy to walk.
  • Is there a security deposit?
    Yes. The security deposit is in place to ensure that any damage which might be caused will be fixed. Legally, this deposit cannot be used as the last month’s rent. For this reason, our auto-withdrawal agreement with the bank includes the last month's rent. You'll also be asked to fill out a credit card authorization form. As we offer brand-new, custom-designed accommodation, we want to keep it in great shape for all members of the UniHouse community. If a housemate causes damage that exceeds the amount of the security deposit, this authorization ensures it will be repaired. If you are responsible and take good care of the house, you won't need to worry. If damage does happen, a detailed report outlining exact cost of repairs will be provided. The credit card authorization outlines this agreement in detail.
  • What is the application process like?
    Our application process follows several standard steps, and most of it is done online. In the first step, we'll ask you to introduce yourself to make certain that you fill our prerequisite as a mature, responsible upper-year student comfortable with sharing a house. Step 2 involves filling in a tenant agreement form, agreeing to the house rules, paying a deposit and selecting a room. In the last step, we'll look after details such as the preauthorized debit form which withdraws the monthly payment that makes living at UniHouse so easy.
  • Is there an age restriction?
    We prefer to house upper-year university students including grad students. This is not a party house.
  • Do I have to be a University of Calgary student?
    While UniHouse is conveniently located near the U of C, we accept students from other educational institutions.
  • Do you only rent to upper year students?
    We are looking for mature, motivated students, preferably in the upper years of a program. If you can provide references attesting to your maturity as part of the application process, we will take that into consideration.
  • What are your house rules?
    You can review our Code of Conduct before you apply. If the idea of living in UniHouse is appealing, you can begin the application process by clicking on the Apply Now button.
  • Does the house allow pets?
    Sorry, no pets are allowed.
  • Do I get to select the room I’ll be renting in the house?
    As part of the application process, you can request a room based on what is available when you sign the lease. You can find our house plan here, and we will advise you about which rooms are currently available. Once your signed lease and deposit have been received, your room will be confirmed.
  • Which spaces are private and which are public?
    Every housemate has their own bed and bathroom suite, as well as pantry storage space with a keyed lock. The rest of the house is shared including a general storage locker, with both women and men potentially living in the space. A Community Advisor is available to sort out any issues and ensure that everyone does their part.
  • How does the shared kitchen space work?
    The kitchen is fully stocked with everything that you need to create delicious meals - except for the food, of course! You’ll find pots and pans, dishes, utensils and appliances including toasters, coffee makers, toaster ovens and blenders. You’ll also have your own lockable pantry space located just off the kitchen.
  • Do I have to cook for myself?
    Yes, and you’ll find everything you need to do so in our shared kitchen.
  • Where is UniHouse located? How close are the C-train and bus?
    The house located at 3419 Cascade Road NW, one block from the University C-train stop, and a six-minute walk to the McKimmie Library.
  • Is there a place for bicycle storage?
  • Is it possible for me to look at the place before I agree to move in?
    When space is available, we can give you an in-person tour. When the rooms are occupied, we’ll provide a virtual tour. You may view the virtual tour anytime on the home page.
  • Are other cleaning/household supplies included?
    Housemates pool money to buy shared supplied such as dishwashing soap, garbage bags, and other agreed-upon items.
  • Are shorter leases available?
    While we focus on 12-month leases, stay in touch; sometimes we have the ability to offer 4 month summer leases.
  • Can I begin my lease early or rent a room over the summer?
    We can accommodate students between May and August in two ways. The most secure option is to sign a 12-month lease. If you’re only in town over the summer, or want to move in early, please contact us. We offer a daily rental rate before the official lease begins.
  • Do I need to find a roommate?
    Living at UniHouse is easy, with just one monthly payment. No need to search for roommates - you occupy your own private bed and bathroom suite in a multi-room house.
  • What references do you need?
    We ask for a personal references to ensure all students are a good fit for UniHouse.
  • I have my own furniture. Can I use mine instead?
    We discourage people bringing their own furniture as it tends to cause damage when moving in or out. However, if you need a small bookshelf we would not disallow it.
  • How many houses like this are there?
    At this time there is only one UniHouse, but several others are in the planning stage. We've just finished building two similar units called Village Common, which are available now for young professionals.
  • Can my girlfriend/boyfriend/other person stay with me over vacation periods?
    We address this issue on a case-by-case basis, depending on how well the house is running, the time of year such as exam periods, and the opinion of other housemates. On this issue, it is important that the other housemates are comfortable with this happening.
  • What does the Community Advisor do?
    The large room with the walk-in closet is typically reserved for the Community Advisor. We hire this person to look after the house, deal with any issues that may arise with maintenance, and to make certain everyone does their share of helping around the house. That role may be filled by someone that we already know, or we may discuss the opportunity with a responsible existing or new tenant.
  • Is UniHouse affiliated with the university?
    No. UniHouse is an alternative to University owned and operated student residences.
  • If someone else damages the house, will that affect my security deposit?"
    Our Community Advisor makes sure the house runs smoothly, keeping an eye on things so that if there are problems we understand who is responsible. Any charges would only be for the person who creates trouble or causes damage. So far, we have not had any issues with damage, since our application process centres around selecting mature and responsible housemates. This is not a party house, nor appropriate for young kids leaving their parents’ house for the first time.

If there's anything else you need to know, please use our contact form to get in touch. We're happy to answer questions and show off this clever new way of living.

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